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Pre Import Selections

If there is anything below that is of interest to you, you can check out directly through the site.

Any questions? - Email us through the site.

Import List Selection / APRIL 2021


We are now offering advantages for members of the community, to hop on the import bus, and hand select what they personally want, at a lower price compared to what most see.



We are very excited to be able to share this unique opportunity with you all, and are very grateful for your business.

How to order:

✓ Gather your selection Online, and check out.


✓ Pre-order deadline -Begining of APRIL!

✓ Minimum Pre-order $200.


✓ Shipping payment $50.


✓ Import ships to the USA  / APRIL. We DO NOT have an exact date as of right now.

✓ Pre-orders ship to customers IMMEDIATELY after.


Terms of Service:

**ORDER'S will go out in Order Number, as they are placed.

➢ We recommend species orders in bulk of 3-5. Especially if you're wanting better luck with getting a female.


➢ We use FedEx priority overnight shipping - $50 LAG (Flat Rate) / $35 FedEx 2-Day NO LAG (Flat Rate)


➢ Minimum order: $200 (not including taxes or shipping)




➢ All orders are guaranteed once placed.


➢ Questions may be emailed, responses will be prompt


➢ All transactions are final.

NO REFUNDS. In the event of a DOA/missing item, we will exchange with current stock, or grant future importation credit.

➢ We ARE NOT responsible for wrongly accused gender. ALL species listed with gender are guaranteed by the supplier only.

Upon placing an order of a sexed specimen, kindly contact us, and we can check the sex of it, once in our possession.


Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG):

➢ Mature males are not covered by LAG


➢ LAG – void without signature on first delivery attempt


➢ In case of DOA, proof must be shown with picture taken the day of arrival


➢ Shipping payment is non-refundable

➢ We are not responsible for carrier/shipping delays


➢ We have the right to delay shipment due to reasons that are beyond our control (i.e. inclement weather, tarantula molting, etc.)


If there is a specific species you are looking for, and cannot find, let me know and I will look! 

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 



Once these become state side, prices will increase! 



Lists will be added as they become available!

Feel free to browse, and add anything to your current order! 

1/11/21 - This is a small sneak peak! 

Product will be available for online purchasing within a few weeks.

Once added online, you can just pick what you want and order.

Each item will have photos for reference.

**Some photos will be personally from ME, some will NOT! 

If you see your photo being used, PLEASE contact me. I will request to be granted, but if you prefer it be taken down, I will kindly do so! 

!!TO ORDER!!----------

Check out the Pre Import selections on this site, add your items to your cart, and check out.

We accept CC through here, but you can also email me your list, and PAYPAL us at:


SPECIES                             SIZE                                          PRICE PER 
Aphonopelma bicoloratum     2" UNS     $250.00 
Aphonopelma johnnycashi      1/2"     $65.00 
Aphonopelma sp. 'Diamond back'     1/2"     $110.00 
Augacephalus breyeri     3/4"     $110.00 
Avicularia merianae    1/2"+     $65.00 
Avicularia sp pucallpa    3/4"     $95.00 
Bonnetina papalutlensis    3/4"     $65.00 
Bonnetina papalutlensis 10X LOT    3/4"     $600.00 
Caribena versicolor    1/2"+     $40.00 
Ceratogyrus brachycephalus WF    3/4"     $48.00 
Ceratogyrus brachycephalus WF 10X LOT    3/4"     $400.00 
Ceratogyrus darlingi    3i     $25.00 
Chilobrachys huahini    3i     $35.00 
Chilobrachys sp. 'electric blue'    3i     $70.00 
Chilobrachys sp. Kaeng Krachan    3i     $40.00 
Chormotopelma cyaneopubescens    3i     $65.00 
Ephepobus uatuman    2" UNS     $80.00 
Grammostola pulchra    3i     $85.00 
Grammostola pulchra    5i     $120.00 
Grammostola pulchripes    3i     $35.00 
Grammostola quirogai     4i     $80.00 
Haploclastus devamatha    3i     $150.00 
Harpactira cafreriana    4i     $80.00 
Harpactira dictator     2i     $70.00 
Harpactira pulchripes    4i     $75.00 
Heteroscodra maculata    3i     $25.00 
Heteroscodra maculata     5i     $30.00 
Heterothele gabonensis    3i     $45.00 
Hommeomma uruguayense    3/4"     $160.00 
Homoeomma sp Blue Peru    3i     $65.00  
Hysterocrates gigas     3/4"     $20.00 
Kochiana brunnipes    3i     $35.00 
Megaphobema robstum     2" UNS     $75.00 
Moncentropus balfouri     2" UNS     $65.00
Monocentropus balfouri    2-3"   $90.00 
Monocentropus balfouri      1/2"+     $40.00 
Neoholothele incei 'gold'    3i     $35.00 
Neostenotarsus sp suriname    3i     $65.00 
Nhandu chromatus    3i     $30.00 
Nhandu tripepii    3i     $45.00 
Ornithoctoninae sp 'Vietnam highland'     3/4"     $95.00 
Pamphobeteus antinous    4i     $110.00 

Pamphobeteus sp. machala    3i     $110.00 
Pamphobeteus sp machala     8i     $160.00 
Pamphobeteus sp. costa     4i     $155.00 
Pamphobeteus sp. flammifera    6i     $145.00 
Pamphobeteus sp. manabi    5i     $110.00 
Pamphobeteus sp. platyomma    3i     $110.00 
Phormictopus cancerides    2i     $45.00 
Phormictopus sp. bayahibe    6i     $75.00 
Phormictopus sp. south hispanola    3i     $85.00 
Phormigochilus sp. rufus     7i     $65.00 
Poecilotheria metallica    5i     $70.00 
Poecilotheria miranda    2i     $65.00 
Poecilotheria regalis    5i     $75.00 
Poecilotheria striata    3i     $55.00 
Psalmopoeus cambridgei    3i     $25.00 
Psalmopoeus irminia    3i     $25.00 
Psalmopoeus pulcher     3i     $20.00 
Psalmopoeus reduncus    3i     $40.00 
Psalmopoeus victori    3i     $120.00 
Pseudoclamoris gigas    3i     $45.00 
Pterinochilus murinus RCF    3i     $35.00 
Pterinochilus murinus tcf     2i     $45.00 
Pterinopelma sazimai    3i     $45.00 
Sericopelma rubronitens     2"      $65.00 
Theraphosa apophysis    3i     $180.00 
Theraphosa stirmi    3i     $80.00 
Theraphosa stirmi 100X LOT    1"+     $5,000.00 
Xenesthis immanis     1.5"     $140.00 
Xenesthis intermedia     1.5"     $160.00 
Xenesthis sp. 'Bright'    1.5"     $250.00 
Acanthoscurria chacoana     3"+ PAIR     $250.00 
Avicularia purpurea    PAIR     $500.00 
Birupes simoroxigorum    2"     $2,000.00 
Bonnetina papalutlensis    SA PAIR     $400.00 
Chilobrachys sp. 'electric blue'    2"     $400.00 
Chromotopelma cyaneopubescens    2"+     $190.00 
Grammostola pulchra    2"     $300.00 
Grammostola pulchripes    2"     $180.00 
Haplocosmia himalayana    2"     $190.00 
Megaphobema robustum    2"     $180.00 
Monocentropus balfouri    2" PAIR     $175.00 
Monocentropus balfouri    3"+ PAIR     $220.00 
Ornithoctoninae sp. 'Mae Hong Son'       MF/PM     $500.00 
Pamphobeteus sp. 'Araña pollito' (Chicken spider)     2" PAIR     $800.00 
Phormictopus sp. bayahibe    5i Pair     $180.00 
Poecilotheria regalis    SA PAIR     $220.00 
Psalmopoeus irminia    2"     $160.00 
Psalmopoeus pulcher    2"     $180.00 
Selenocosmiinae sp. 'Kordilleran'     2" PAIR     $200.00 
Sericopelma generalum    2"     $350.00 
Sericopelma sp. Boquete    2"     $350.00 
Sericopelma sp. 'Darie'      2"+ PAIR     $230.00 
Sericopelma sp. 'Santa Catalina'    2"     $350.00 
Theraphosa stirmi     2"+ PAIR     $250.00 
Xenesthis sp. white lowland     5i PAIR     $525.00 
Acanthoscurria chacoana     3"+ F     $150.00 
Acanthoscurria chacoana     MF     $250.00 
Bistriopelma lamasi      MF     $550.00 
Bonnetina papalutlensis    SAF     $300.00 
Ceratogyrus brachycephalus WF    MF     $290.00 
Chilobrachys spec. Blue VIETNAM XL    MF     $120.00 
Chormotopelma cyaneopubescens    2" F     $125.00 
Cyriopagopus lividum     MF     $150.00 
Cyriopagopus vonwirthi     MF     $80.00 
Haplopelma sp. 'Bach Ma'     MF     $500.00 
Heteroscodra maculata    MF     $100.00 
Heteroscodra maculata     MF     $80.00 
Hysterocrates gigas    MF     $80.00 
Lasiodorides polycuspulatus     MF     $360.00 
Megaphobema velvetosoma     MF     $350.00 
Monocentopus balfouri     MF     $240.00 
Ornithoctoninae sp 'Vietnam highland'     MF     $525.00 
Ornithoctoninae sp 'Vietnam highland'     SAF     $480.00 
Ornithoctoninae sp. 'Ho Chi Minh'    MF     $400.00 
Pamphobeteus petersi     MF     $350.00 
Pamphobeteus sp. 'Araña pollito' (Chicken spider)     2" F     $650.00 
Pamphobeteus sp. tigris     MF     $325.00 
Poecilotheria metallica     MF     $325.00 
Poecilotheria miranda     MF     $300.00 
Poecilotheria regalis     SAF     $160.00 
Psalmopoeus pulcher     MF     $150.00 
Reversopelma petersi     MF     $750.00 
Selenocosmiinae sp. 'Kordilleran'    2" F     $120.00 
Sericopelma sp. 'Darie'      2.5" F     $150.00 
Theraphosa stirmi     MF     $260.00 
Theraphosa stirmi      2"+ F     $190.00 
Thrigmopoeus truculentuss     MF     $150.00 
Thrixopelma sp. 'Cajamarca'     2" F     $160.00 
Thrixopelma sp. 'Cajamarca'     MF     $260.00 
MALES (I WILL SEX):        
Avicularia sp 'Ecuador'    MM     $50.00 
Pampobetheus antinous    SAM     $150.00 
Poecilotheria regalis    SAM     $65.00 
Theraphosa apophysis     3" M     $150.00 
Theraphosa stirmi     4" M     $100.00 
Alipes grandidieri      AD     $75.00 
Ethmostigmus trigonopodus    AD     $50.00 
Rhysida spec. violett     SA     $50.00 
Scolopdendra gigantea 10"+    AD XL     $550.00 
Scolopendra angulata      AD     $350.00 
Scolopendra sp. Cherry red      AD     $120.00 
Scolopendra sp. 'Yunan jewel'     AD     $500.00 
Scolopendra subspinipes black flame leg     AD F     $120.00 
Scolopendra subspinipes Dehaani    AD     $65.00 
Scolopendra subspinipes orange leg’s     AD     $65.00 
Scolopendra subspinipes RED- Dragon Thailand     AD     $95.00 
Scolopendra subspinipes Tri-colour Malaysia     AD     $180.00 
Diplocentrus diablo    2i     $45.00 
Heterometrus mysorensis    2i     $65.00 
Heterometrus petersii     SA     $35.00 
Heterometrus swammerdami     2i     $95.00 
Heterophrynus batesii    3i     $200.00 
Pandinus imperator    MF     $90.00 
Pandinus imperator    5i     $45.00 

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